Saturday, March 16, 2019

Graceful Kendo - University 50

The player I am introducing is unique. His name is Tsutsui belonged to Tsukuba Univ at the time of following match in youtube video.

He has technical handling as well as muscle elasticity and long reach. Moreover, he is stable and always ready for opponent player to counterattack. These characteristics made him unique and special from other players’ style.

One of his strong point is he can get ippon at the very beginning of match.

Red player is Tsutsui and white player is Kobayashi belongs to Kokusaibudo Univ in the following video.
In the match, at 0:07, red player reacted very fast when white player invaded his range of reach.

His Men was stretching much and white player couldn’t guard this stroke.

At 0:46, red player adjusted timing and hit Kote.

At 1:26, red player hit hiki-Men in the middle distance.

At 2:34, red player stroked combination Men. His Men is very elusive.

At 3:09, white player tried good gyaku-Do.

At 4:06, red player hit stretching Men after Kote.

His kendo is graceful, but is very offensive. Each hit has potential of perfect ippon and is very dangerous for opponent player.

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