Saturday, March 2, 2019

High standard match - University 43

The following youtube video I am introducing was 2016 all Japan Kendo championship 4th round. Red player is Sugino belongs to Kokushikan Univ, and white player is Iwakiri belongs to Kokusaibudo Univ.

The match was very high standard.
At 0:39, white player hit sharp Kote. But, it was miss targeted. After that, red player hit hiki-Men. I felt white player was lucky, this Men worth ippon.

At 1:29-30, white player hit hiki-Men and forward Men with combination. It was nice aim.

3:13 red player’s hiki-Men was very small motioned with before strong hit and it was threat for opponent.

3:18 red player’s forward Men was also sharp and dynamic.

On the other hand, white player stroked combination hit at 3:21-.

Both players had very good skill and gut in the match. Their foot work was also prominent. So, they were similarly competitive. And no doubt whichever player won the match.

At last moment, red player delayed a moment to white player’s Men. So, the match finished with sharp Men at 5:32. There was not much time left.

In this match, red player tended to hit single point with good timing. On the other hand, white player tended to hit by combination. It was good contrast each other, knew own strong point well and reflected skills in the match.

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