Monday, March 18, 2019

Many skills - Highschool 27

The following match I am introducing is from 2015 Mizutaki tournament team final match. Red player is Shinna belongs to Takanawa high school and white is Sakurai belongs to Sakatakoryo high school.

The match is Daihyousen match (which is done after end up in tie team score).
First, red player’s movement was not bad, but he dropped off his shinai and gave unnecessary advantage to opponent team. That should be avoided.

Both players in the match are good at, so to speak, lower stroke such as Kote or Do as well as Men. They tried many skills of hit and it made the match interesting.

In Daihyosen match, the victory is decided only one ippon. So, they sometimes played more carefully, because one mistakes might lead to lose of the team.

At 1:49, red player tried to hit Do. It was prevented partly, but was good aim.

At 2:24, white player on the other hand tried Kote. If red player opened a little more, this could be ippon.

3:12 white player’s gyaku-Do was fair hit, might become ippon if extra inning becomes longer.

Red player hit gyaku-Do in reverse at 3:30.

At 4:12, white player might aim at hiki-Kote or Men, but red player defended properly and couldn’t hit then.

In the match, both players didn’t concede an inch within the time and went to extra time.

At 4:32, white player approached largely and hit directly Men. But, it was prevented.

Next, white player swung his rightward, at a moment red player was perplexed in near distance and allowed white player to hit unguarded Men.

In the match, both players tried to change hit timing or places and did their best. It was interesting match for me.

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