Monday, March 4, 2019

Special Kote - University 44

The following match I am introducing is from 2017 all Japan Kendo championship 2nd round. Red player is Miyamoto belongs to Nigata Uinv, and white player is Makishima belongs to Kanoya Univ.
At 0:53, red player approached to sound out white player. But, this time it was too close and white player hit Kote when red player lifted his Kote position.

Red player was good at pressuring opponent player, like around 1:40, 2:20, 3:35, 3:50. Red player didn't draw back easily and that made effective pressure on white player, it was a bit pity he couldn’t stroke effectively after that.

Red player tried to hit Kote, Men or Kote-Men. He changed several places, but failed to break white player’s defense.

One of white player’s strong point is unexpected movement like he showed in 2:58 or 3:39. He has several unique movement of his, and makes it difficult for opponent player to predict next action.

At 4:33, white player counterattack by forward Men with excellent timing. This stroke is white player’s favorite technique.

At 5:10, white player did his another special; Forward Kote hit and next moment went backward. This technique cannot be easily imitated. In previous article I also introduced this Kote (

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