Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Strongest snap - University 48

The following youtube video is from 2015 Kanto kendo championship semifinal match. Red player is Mitani belongs to Nittaidai, and white player is Fujisaki belongs to Kokugakuin Univ.

Red player has very strong snap and it enables him to hit powerful Men.
Red player’s stroke is dynamic and destructive that excites audiences. So, for example 2:19 Kote was not ippon, but the stroke made good impact sound which meant it was powerful hit.

At 2:49, red player hit Men with small swing after white player fail to hit probable Kote. It was skillful ippon.

At 3:12, white player hit hiki-Men at good timing though it didn't become ippon.

At 3:40, white player tried gyaku-Do to get ippon back. But, it failed and gave red player the chance. Red player’s stroke was so stable and fast that white player was hit before he knew it. He didn’t even set guard position and completely unguarded at a moment.

This red player has very strong weapon, “snap”.

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