Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Debana-Men (counterattack Men) - University 54

The following youtube video is from 2013, all Japan student kendo tournament of team. Every year, this tournament is held in autumn season.

The red team is Tsukuba Univ., and white team is Hosei Univ. The red player is Takenouchi, and white Syutoku. Interestingly, both players are from Fukuokaohori high school at Kyusyu district.

It was extra inning match, daihyosen. Because they end up in tie score after Taisho (last players) match, they chose one player each from their team. Psychologically, white player was more tough, because he last his position before this match, and junior player is easier to play carefree in general.
The red player Takenouchi’s one of favorite technique is “debana-Men”, counterattack Men when opponent player tried to approach.

At 0:35, red player stroked Men in half-way distance, this kind of stroke is menace for opponent. It is fast and unpredictable sometimes.

White player’s strong point is pressuring opponent player like he showed from 0:49-,1:45-, and 2:15-. Red player had to prevent by stepping back (Otherwise, he might be hit.).

At 2:02, red player hit good Do, though it was bit far from critical point.

At 2:53, when white player approached to aim some place, red player reacted and swung very fast and captured Men.

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