Saturday, May 4, 2019

Strongest player

Historically, no player has been stronger than Masahiro Miyazaki, who belongs to Kanagawa prefectural police.

The following is the video all Japan final match at 1991, when Miyazaki made the first record of consecutive victory of the tournament (1990-1991). It is also surprising that he did it again from 1998-1999.
Miyazaki is white side player in the match. His outstanding strength is strong and stable mentality and unequaled handling of shinai.

He is able to stroke critical point at any timing, either forward or backward, and it made him much superior to others.

At 1:29, white player was stuck by red player's shinai. It was very painful stroke although it couldn't be ippon. This hit might influence both players psychologically.

Next moment, white player made pressure a step inward to red player. When red player tried to push pressure back and went forward, white player activated artful trap.

Up to this time, no player did consecutive victory, so the venue had unrest and exciting atmosphere that "Was it possible..."

Red player was also upset and thought he had to back the score to tie. So, he was hurry and it made him careless a bit. White player didn't let opponent give another chance.

At 2:25, white player stroked beautiful Men. It looked easy for him, but it was almost impossible timing for other players.

Two player recorded consecutive victory of the tournament later, Takanabe (2010-2011) and Nishimura (2017-2018). They are splendid of course, but if they played same age as Miyazaki did, I think Miyazaki outreached most of the time.

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