Monday, July 15, 2019

Tricky Men - Highschhol 34

I found one interesting timing Men, so I introduce today.

The youtube video following is 2019 quarterfinal individual match of Fukuoka preliminary of all Japan high school kendo championship.
Red player is Seura belongs to Wakamatsu high school, while white player is Ryunosuke Ikeda belongs to Ohori high school.

The reason I wrote first name of Ikeda is that he has twin brother belongs to same high school playing kendo. Name of him is Toranosuke, and he also won other side of the tournament and went to quarterfinal, too.

Go back to the subject; this match, white player showed many variation of Men and Kote that confused or made red player stuck sometimes and won the match.

At around 1:35, white player hit Kote as if he stuck his sword. It was sharp and skillful Kote. Although only one judge admitted as ippon, it worth praising hit.

From 3:15-, white player move toward opponent player. Red player anticipated Men and tried to counterattack Do, but white player tricked one thing here.

White player didn’t hit directly the Men, if that happened red player’s Do might be effective. Instead, white player shifted one step and hit Men at abnormal timing.

That was enough to trick red player and white player succeeded to capture red player’s Men.

Before this hit, white player stroked Men at another timing at 2:33. At that time, he stroked more standard timing.

To make this technique possible, strengthen wrist snap is necessary. And player also needs steady and swift footwork.

The rumor says Ohori is very strict at practicing, so he had been trained and that made it possible this tricky Men.

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