Sunday, November 3, 2019

2019 (67th) AJKC at Osaka.

Today, 2019 (67th) All Japan Kendo Championship (AJKC) is held in Osaka.

In the championship, Kunitomo won the match with brilliant Kote.

The following is the youtube video of final match this year.
His kendo is standard style kendo that can be a good model for every kendo learning people.

Another player of final match is Matsuzaki, who is a university student (21 years old) and also played beautifully in this championship

Up to final match, especially Men stroke were excellent for both players.

In the match, their strategy were a bit different.

Taller Matsuzaki (white side) aimed at distant Men, while Kunitomo (red side) aimed at combination stroke of Men.

Combination strokes may prevent counterattack and has advantage of approaching the distance as well.

In the match, at about 8 minutes, Matsuzaki (white) had good Men close to ippon.

But, when extra inning started, Kunitomo (red) movement became better and outreached Matsuzaki (white).

At last, his Kote caught opponent player and became winner of this year.

   Winner interview of Kunitomo                                                                                 

(Congratulation champion!)
“Thank you so much.”

(It was third time for you to the final match (2014 and 2016), and this is the first winning of the championship. How do you feel now?)
“I don't think it is because of my own power, but because of the people who have taught me Kendo from little child to even now in Fukuoka prefecture and all Japan kendo organization. I appreciate all of those who have supported me. ”

(It seems you were straggling in final match.)
“Yes, it was tough time for some time and I tried to be patient. I think I could get over the difficult time.”

(I would like to ask you about last Kote stroke.)
“I don't remember well, it was out of my conscious and my body reacted automatically.”

(How about today’s championship?)
“All competitors are strong, but I always keep in mind to play with my style.”

(What is the next goal of you?)
“I am still on my way, so I will keep on my practice and would like to come back again next year.”

Commentator Mr. Eiga mentioned his interview is full of good modesty.

In Japan, we have saying “Sandomenosyojiki” which means someone can succeed third trial. 

He made greatest effort we can’t image and won the championship. 

I would like to congratulate this excellent winner!

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2019 (67th) AJKC at Osaka.

Today, 2019 (67 th ) All Japan Kendo Championship (AJKC) is held in Osaka. In the championship, Kunitomo won the match with brilliant Ko...