Privacy policy, terms and conditions

The purpose of personal information use
In this site, you register your name on the internet when you ask or comment by e-mail. Personal information will be used for answering personal questions or sending necessary information by e-mail, and I do not use other purpose.

Open personal information to others
In this site, I appropriately manage personal information and except the case following, I do not show others.
Consent of the person
Need to cooperate with laws and regulations

Personal information open, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use
If the user wants personal information open, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, after confirming the person himself or herself and I will respond immediately.

Analytic tools
In this site, Analytic tool is used for traffic data analysis and for that purpose use cookie. These traffic data are collected anonymously and do not identify the specific person. If user nullify Cookie, Cookie does not function, therefore in that case please confirm each setting of computer.

This site utilize advertise service “Google Adsense”. Advertisers use Cookie to express advertisement for individual users depend on interest. Please refer to the policy and regulation pages of Google the detail about nullifying Cookie and Google Adsense.

The copyright and portrait rights of pictures shown in this site belong to each individual who possess the right. I do not intend to infringe right.
If the contents or pictures have problems of copyright and portrait rights, please send me the email directly from right owner. After I confirm, I will respond to the case.
If users transfer other site by link or banners and so on, I do not take any responsibility for the service or information.
I try to show latest information as mush as possible, however some of these may become late or include wrong information.
I do not take any responsibility for anybody who incur damage about the contents of this site.

Copy right
I prohibit copy and use any of contents in this site without consent.

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