Friday, October 26, 2018

Fukuoka Ohori high school - Highschool 5

Last two articles, I introduced about Takenouchi who is a strong and famous player in Japan.

He graduated Ohori high school in Fukuoka prefecture. Ohori high school is traditionally known to bring up many strong Kendo players.

One characteristic of their Kendo type is like an “arrow”. So, they have speed and sharpness in their kendo. Among ippons, I prefer their Men and Tsuki, which is beautiful and powerful.

The following is the video 2018 All kyusyu high school championship at spring.
In the final match, red team is Ohori and white team is Higashifukuoka. Both teams are from Fukuoka prefecture, so you can say Fukuoka is one of the strongest prefecture of Kendo even among Kyusyu area.

The team color of red “Ohori” I already introduced, so how is white “Higashifukuoka”? They decided ippons from Men to Do, so they have tha capacity to get ippons from anywhere they want depend on opponent’s characteristic and types of Kendo. They were also good at both forward and backward movement. So for opponents, it is very difficult to take countermeasure because they are very flexible and well trained.

This video is a bit long, so I will focus on the ippons they got. In this championship, 7 matches are adopted for team battle. I will note when the ippons are seen in this video like 1:12 fashion meaning 1 minute and 12 seconds, with short description of my impression of ippons in the following.
Senpo) 3:10 destructive Tsuki (red)
Jiho) 9:31 tricky Men (red)
Gosho) 13:07 counterattack Men (white), 13:38 Men whose timing was off (red), 14:31 Men similar (red)
Chuken) 14:55 GyakuDo full of guts (white), 15:49 Kote in unguarded moment (white)
Sansho) 17:28 breaking Do (white), 18:11 deft Men (red), 20:08 inducing Do (white)
Fukusho) 21:09 stretching Kote (white), 21:25 deceiving Kote (white)
Taisho) 23:33 dynamic Men (red), 25:38 zero space Men (red)

How was it? Did you enjoyed? So, it was high level matches and you noticed each team have each color of Kendo.

The following is the ippon omnibus in the same championship. In kyusyu area, average kendo level especially high school is higher compared with other place in Japan. (I think you can enjoy strong, unique and skillful kendo.) From 7:12, there are same ippons in final match above introduced.

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