Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Kote Kaeshi Men 2, Takenouchi

Last time, I introduced about Kote-kaeshi-Men technique (link: Today I would like to show another match of Takenouchi.

This video is from 16th World kendo championship (WKC) team final, senpo match. Japan (red side) vs Korea (white side)
From 1:25, his chasing movement and Men was his favorite technique. He is also good at Men in 1:51, which hit Men with snapping. It was very sharp hit although it was prevented by the opponent player.

In terms of tsubazeriai, the act which remains attaching to the opponent, if red player continued like 3:30- and 3:47, he would be given one foul because tsubazeri with one’s shinai put on opponent’s shoulder is not allowed.

At 4:57, he decided Kote-kaeshi-Men. Before he used this technique, he didn’t back even an inch. Backing might be able to make space for hitting, but at the same time it has a risk of being pushed opponent drive force.

He went just forward way to kill opponent space for good stroke. And just after opponent tried to hit Kote, he placed his shinai close to his body for covering his Kote, which made more difficult for opponent to hit Kote.

I think he did it with purpose and as a strategy to make opponent hit Kote, and then he stroked Men in return.

In this match, tsubazeri attaching time was a bit longer compared with normal match. The power balances among players closer, it is more likely to be longer time in tsubazeriai like this match.

By the way, Korean player is very powerful and is especially good at pushing Men in halfway distance with momentum and power like Jiho’s ippon at 7:29 and 8:08.

Senpo white player was very careful not to be given such hit by white player in this match.

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