Friday, October 12, 2018

Winning battle - University 3

This video is a 2012 university All west (white) VS east (red) dream team match of University student. The matches are held every year at the same day after individual championship, and this year was held at July 8th. The tournament winner was Ando, who is well-known player and the other day, he became a champion of kendo world cup at Korea.

However, this time I would like to introduce not him but the other guy, named Kato, belonged to Osaka University of Health and Sport sciences. White taisho Kato had to appear first because this match is done by winner survival method; Winner player remains and continues next match, while loser leaves, and all team members lose, that team loses and other side wins.
Before his match, strong red player Kikuchi won several players of white team (~7:30), so Kato showed up at 7:45.

<vs 1st player>
First, he hit Men 9:20. He laid his shinai a bit after backward movement and immediately he noticed red did not react, he hit Men. 9:44 Men of red was not seen and unfortunate.

9:59 Tsuki was beautiful point, it is usually difficult to Tsuki after step back as he did.

About 12:45 Men, I think it is usually difficult to get ippon. Because opponent tried to prevent by shinai. But as you already know, Kato's stroke was so destructive that opponent was difficult to evade.

By the way, he takes a bit right front posture (Kamae) and his left hand position is lower than normal; It is unique to him. I cannot definitely say his posture was good nor bad, because it is depend on individual whether that posture is compatible or not.

<vs 2nd player>
16:9 Kote was partly because the tide was for him after beating first strong player. It was also unfortunate for second red player only a few second ago, ippon was taken.

<vs 3rd player>
16:51 Men was most exciting ippon. He set closer position soon after starting the match, and hit Men without hesitation or any worry. That can be done only with confidence because of huge amount of training.

In this match, compared with last 2 matches, the power balance between players are rather big. So red player sometimes could not follow Kato's movement, last Kote (19:35) was the result.

<vs 4th player>
Please enjoy last match which Kato was defeated. I think their skills were similar, but Kato kept fighting more than 15 minutes and might be tired and he was also analyzed his movement by 4th player. That made winner and loser of the match.

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