Wednesday, October 3, 2018

young kendo

This site is mainly focused on Japanese high school or University kendo tournament.
There are some reasons;
Easy to access plenty sources of matches in video site such as youtube as well as watching directly at gymnasium;

Adult players are already well known, well trained and the performances are very polished. But in case of adolescent players,they are on the stage of developing their skills and mental greatly day by day, so it is more interesting for us to find the unknown talent;
The last reason is the preference, this is depend on individual but in case of teenager or early twenties, one step distance they can go forward is longer than adult, so it is more likely some unexpected movement or beautiful happening occur compared with adult and therefore it fascinate me.

Let’s check beautiful Men, this is 2007 team fukusho match at men’s
final of all japan high school championship.

His second Men is done by one-step from distance and so marvelous.
This is one example of good match, so I will introduce little by little

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