Tuesday, November 20, 2018

All Japan Student final at 2009, team, Senpo - University 14

This time, I’d like to introduce team match from 2009 all japan student kendo championship final. Red team is National institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, white team is Osaka University of Health and Sport sciences.

From, Senpo I am explaining. The following is the youtube video.
Red team Ishitani is from Kyusyugakuin hish school. While, white Yamamoto is from Takachiho high school. Both schools are famous of strong Kendo historically.

In first contact, red player jumped Men from distance. He had nice gut to try daring Men from first.

On the other hand, white player first chose Men feint Kote. It was a clever try because red player opened his Kote partly to cover his Men. Although it didn’t become ippon, it also was a cool choice.

White player was bigger, so if they contact and fight face-to-face, red player was disadvantageous. However, red player was very good at carrying himself like you see 0:33, dodging opponent players momentum and avoiding unfavorable position.

1:11 Men was also amazing distance he jumped just one step.

Men at 2:22 was deceived opponent player with feint movement. If he stroked directly Men, it might not be successful. With feint, it made easier to hit Men.

From red player’s standpoint, at that moment he completely turned to defense and allow opponent to come in his territory.

At 2:38, red player also show his deft skill of dodging unfavorable position and push opponent into the corner. Strong player never fights where he is in weak position in general.

After red player got ippon, he reduced jumping Men and instead he increased counters or clinching hit so as to reduce white player’s chances.

The winner in this match had good balance between offense and defense. He is skillful in tactics and we can learn many from how he controled the match.

Senpo match (red - white): M -

At end of Senpo score (red - white): 1/1 - 0/0

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