Thursday, November 22, 2018

All Japan Student final at 2009, team, Jiho - University 15

This is a serial match from last time ( So, team Kanoya red and team Osaka white.

The score from red is 1(1) - 0(0). For red team, they have lead, so wanted either keep lead or increase lead more to win. From white side, they were behind and next jiho player was expected at least draw to stop bad momentum.

Red player was Matsui graduated from Imari high school at Saga. And white player was Kato graduated from Kojyokan high school at Okayama.

The following was the match from youtube video.
I like personally the first rhythmic movement of red. Forward movement killing opponent’s space to do something might reduce the possibility of surprise attack.

But, like 0:25 with enough space to stroke something, players are more easier to be hit. This gyaku-Do was close to ippon.

The red slashed opponent’s shinai while he was drawing at 0:30. It was one conceivable measure to prevent direct after hit because opponent player had to set back his shinai to originai position to prepare hitting.

From here, likelihood to win in the match was even or white side was better. However, red player changed this mood and controlling this match gradually in next several movement.

Interestingly in team match, the desirable competence is sometimes different from individual match. Of course, who has more techniques has more chance to win the match, but intelligence or gut or friend ship sometimes overcome the power balance and makes big killing come true!

That is also a pleasure of team match. So, it is not merely a pile up individual matches but it is one serial team plays.

Getting back to this match, red jiho player was excellent in terms of succeeding senpo’s momentum and passed it to next player.

Red player shout his passion stroke powerfully and didn’t miss the chance opponent’s player stroked half-way at 1:58. He hit intense after Men and brought ippon.

Next ippon was much impressive, he drew a bit for opponent player to come, inducing him to stroke Men. He aimed counter hit Kote. The key point was just fleeing second before hitting Kote, red player pushed him to forward way in order to make his momentum.

So the score 2(3) – 0(0) after jiho match.

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