Monday, November 12, 2018

Men-kaeshi-Men, AJKC 2018

Uchimura who is finalist 2018 all japan kendo championship (AJCK), used Men-kaeshi-Men ippon from 2nd round to quarter final round.

Men-kaeshi-Men is very difficult ippon, and we do not see frequently.

Uchimura is one of few players able to use this technique. The following was 2nd round match. He was red side player.
He is doing offense and defense at the same time and that is one of his unique feature of kendo.

At 0:59, from feint he hit Kote, what notable was his movement after hit. When they contacted, red player bent his neck so as not to be hit after his Kote, moreover he shifted his body to another direction to evade opponent sight. So, white player couldn’t react soon to hit.

2:05 red player slowly swung shinai and approached, and as soon as he found opponent raised his shinai to guard his Men, red player hit opened Kote.
In case opponent player tried to counter back this time, I think there was less possibility to be hit because he can clinch the space as his forward momentum is faster than opponent’s in the serial movement.

2:33, white player impatiently hit Men from distance and red player didn’t miss this opportunity. He dodged opponent momentum with footwork of left backward, and swung down to smash Men.

Uchimura always seems to think offense and defense at the same time and able to choose most optimal stroke depend on the opponent’s reaction. He is very elusive and has many variety of attacks and counterattacks. So, he remain strong even he became close to 40 years old, which many players finished peak competence in general.

Flexible and swift footwork allows him to do like that kendo style.

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