Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Men-kaeshi-Men - Highschool 7

Last article, I introduced Men-kaeshi-Men and explained it is difficult technique.

As for this Men-kaeshi-Men, I remember one beautiful ippon. It was 2012 all japan high school championship team final, jiho match.

Red side player was Tanaka belonged to Toin-gakuen, located in Kanagawa prefecture next to Tokyo. And he did excellent hit in this match in extra inning.
First 1:00, white player was declared one foul. He actually didn’t contact his shinai properly when they attached “tsubazeriai”. However, personally I feel it a bit early to give him a foul. Maybe that’s due to preference of judges.

Within time, white player had almost no careless point and he showed good aggression.

In extra inning however, white player sometimes showed his hesitation and impatience maybe because red player defensed very well and couldn't find any good point to hit.

Like the movement 5:25, he jump from distance without steady stroke. From 5:55, he seemed to be hastened to hit something. But this serial movement didn't include good enough strokes, either.

In such situation, first red player induced opponent’s careless point. And at 6:16, after red player made pressure to successfully induced opponent incomplete Men, with his snap, he stroked wonderful Men.

He had excellent kendo sense. And this is the most technical Men-kaeshi-Men I have ever seen.

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