Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Daihyousen (tie score) - University 27

In team match sometimes, score end up in tie. And in the tournament, they have to decide winner, so they chose one person as a representative of teams and decided that extra match. The match is called “Daihyousen” in Japanese.

The match I introduce is 2015 quarterfinals, university of Kokushikan vs Kanoya. The score ended up in tie even after Taisho’s match finished.

So, they chose one player from each team (Maybe the strongest mentally or technically). From Kokushikan side (red team) Muratomi, and from Kanoya side (white team) Mochizuki were the players respectively.

The following is the video from youtube.
Both players were strong enough to come up to the tournament at this level, one factor to decide winner is mental, luck and compatibility.

0:56, red player stroked gyaku-Do, which was a bit shallow. Soon after that, white player changed body position and hit hiki-Men in reverse. This hiki-Men was near ippon.

Red player was taller than white, and I think red player prefers more distant than white player prefers. What was clever of white player was he approached to his preferable position faster than opponent player.

So, for example like 1:02, 1:21, and 1:41, white player broke chances of red player. For red player side, he must have been elusive and tricky.

After that, white player kept playing in his convenient position. It made red player irritated and careless.

At 3:06, white player was still in convenient range. He tried Kote with feint. It was impressive stroke after swung largely intentionally and tricked opponent player. At a moment, red player was tricked and confused whether Men or Kote was coming. So, he delayed reaction and Kote was nicely stroked.

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