Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Strategic progression - University 24

Today, I introduce 2011 student championship preliminary at Kanto same as previous article. In the following video, we can see another quarter final match.

Red side was Adachi belonged to Meiji university and white was Kai belonged to Waseda university.
In this match, white player was very patiently and strategically played. On the other hand, red player had many techniques and tried to delude and hit careless points.

I think white player aimed at Men as a counterattack of Kote from the first. He seemed to be distant and make red player choose Kote, because Kote is closest position for opponent player.

At 1:02, white player kept waiting for red player hit Kote. As he expected, red player tried Kote, and white player dodged and hit Men. At that time, white player moved a little counter clockwise angle and smoothly finished his Men.

At 4:00, red player hit good Kote. Before hit, he raised shinai in a small range and confused white player. As soon as red player found, unguarded Kote, he hit there. White player might think about protecting Men or Do, but not Kote at that moment.

The last red Men was aggressive try, but it was a little far from optimal point. White player had prepared enough to counterattack and Do was successful.

Both players had each strong point, but in this match white player progressed wiser and that made him win the match.

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