Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Third hit - University 22

This video is quarter final of Kanto region preliminary for university college individual student championship in 2011.

Red side was Ando who was 2018 WKC champion. This time he was 3rd grade university student. White side was Yamamoto, belonged to Tokai university.
As you see in this youtube video, before Ando’s ippon his feet was ready for good enough stroke or counter.

Interestingly, one second before red player jumped Men at 1:42, his right foot was already shifting toward opponent player and he could smoothly moved attack.

White player’s gyaku-Do (2:04) was nice. With a bit deeper hit, it might be considered as ippon. Movement after gyaku-Do was also swift and desirable.

From 2:56, red player serially tried to hit 3 places, Kote, Men and Men. Last Men was hit critically, but this is usually difficult because many players cannot maintain good posture for third time stroke.

His footwork was excellent, maintaining good enough posture even after second hit. Ichigan-nisoku-santan-siriki is a famous word for kendo learners. This explains priority when you play kendo. So, most important “eye”. Everybody agree? Second “feet” is very interesting and I agree with this.
(Third “heart, spirit or gut”, forth “power”)

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