Sunday, January 20, 2019

Ai-jyodan (jyodan players match) - University 32

I found rare match in youtube video following link. Players are both jyodan in the match.

It was 2018 all Japan Student individual championship 4th round. Red side is Sako belongs to Hitotsuhashi University, and white side is Hirano belongs to Sensyu University.
To be honest, I am a chudan standard style player. So, it was beyond my imagination.

First, I questioned about how they calculate distance to opponent player. From experience? But, I think they also have few experiences facing jyodan player.

0:38 white player’s Kote was powerful and impressive. And he stroked Kote again at 1:54 and this became ippon.

3:05 red player’s Men and white player’s Kote exchange might be Men’s win but unfortunately it wasn’t admitted ippon.

Red player tried to stroke Do and Men in changed-timing, but white player was skillful and defensive after getting ippon and didn’t allow for red player to hit rest of the time.

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