Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Facing jyodan - Univerisity 30

The following is the youtube video of 2013 All Japan Student championship 5th round.

Today, I am talking about Jyodan match. Red player Miyamoto belongs to Chuo University is chudan player, but white player Tsuruoka belons to Komazawa University is jyodan player.
To face jyodan, standard position of chudan player is like in this match. So, chudan player set a bit right upper position that aiming at left Kote of jyodan player. Seeing is easier than explanation. This red player is very well.

Like 0:32, left Kote is closer and easier to aim in case of jyodan player.

Most typical Men of jyodan player is as shown in 1:04; so, this is with left-handed Men stepping left foot, which is reverse position of forward Men compared with standard chudan player.

At 1:16, white player tried Kote from same position. This makes opponent player perplexed. It is sometimes difficult to say which stroke is come.

Next, red player changed his tactics. First he made white player hit half-way stroke and then, he stroked at unguarded moment of white player like 2:01.

I think red player also searching places to hit at 2:23. White player of course noticed and he tightened his guard.

At 2:36 white player tried to hit Men, but red player stepped back a little and as soon as dodged Men, he stroked unguarded Men I return.

White player also changed strategy a little. He consecutively stroked Kote and Men at 2:51. Red player seemed not to expect this. But he defensed there.

3:01’s white player tried to stroked similar timing to first ippon.

Red player wanted to change something and tried several movement. But, red player was very cool-headed. At 3:55, red player might approach too much that white player could hit Kote and it was nice timing and close to ippon.

Throughout this match, red player dominated and controlled the match. His acumen outreached white player’s power and skill.

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