Monday, January 28, 2019

Jiho strategy - Highschool 21

Last time, I talked about Senpo match. Next player is Jiho. This time, I collected video from various source, so Senpo and Jiho introducing from last time didn't link and completely different team match.

In case of Jiho, different from Senpo, team score already started to move either good way or bad way.

If it goes to good way, follow that current and continues it; that is a required role. And if it is negative direction, jiho player has to change into positive, or at least stop the bad flow before pass the baton to next player.

The following video is 2016 team match; red side is Higashifukuoka and white side is Kotohira. In Senpo match, red player got Kote at 3:14 and won 1(1) – 0(0).
Jiho match starts 5:00-. Before jiho match, red player got advantage, but white player got disadvantage.

Red player is Yoshimatsu and white player is Taninaka. Red player is relaxed and seems to show his good performance. From first contact, he tried stretching Men for several times, which white player just defended. 6:00 Kaeshi-Men was also good-timing.

White player wanted to push back bad mood and score, but red player coped with opponent movement more properly.

As for 7:28 tobikomi-Men, red player jumped more distant and bolder.

Red player had cool headed and played his convenient range and controlled the match. It is obvious he had more chance and opponent player had less chance due to his play in dominant distance.

Red player found another chance at 9:29, adding stretching Men again. He is capable Jiho player increased score and pass the baton to next player.

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