Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Missile Men - Highschool 15

Last time, I introduced youthful and vibrant Men. This time, Men’s quality is also excellent. And it was like missile shot. Once I introduced his match (

The following was the same tournament 2014 in Kanagawa 7th round. Red player was Tanamoto belonged to Toukaidaisagami high school and white player was Akashi belonged to Nichidai high school.
Before starting, red player false started. But white player was very cool-minded. The first white player’s Men was the hit without hesitation and critically hit the spot.

In terms of 1:30 ai-Men, the judge was 2-1, but actually slow camera result suggested white player’s stroke was not reached to red player’s Men, so I think this was misjudge and it was totally red player’s Men.

1:44 red player tried Men in half-way distance. It was skillful Men.

2:18 white player hit Men in return to hiki-Men. White player’s Men was unique in terms of timing. It was not direct orbit hit but shifted timing a bit and hit. I don’t know whether he did it on purpose or unconsciously, but in any case, it made opponent player difficult to defense sometimes like first Men of this match. It looks difficult to cope with the first contact.

Red player didn’t show forward Men frequently in this match. I think he tried to find out opponent character and the point to hit. He aimed at hiki-Men (backward) like 4:31 and 4:41 next. Maybe tsubazeri attachment was easier for finding the point to hit.

But at 5:55, red player finally decided sharp Men like missile shot. This Men included a small trick. Red player at first invaded white player’s territory from left side of white player. But, then he changed right side orbit using swift snapping technique. So, white player couldn’t react proper defense of right side and be hit Men brilliantly.

In this match, both players try several hit except Men, but especially red player’s forward Men was the most beautiful and intriguing skill in this match.

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