Monday, January 14, 2019

Various Men - University 29

I am introducing Men variation today.

Following is the youtube video. It is from 2018 all Japan Student championship 2nd round. Red player is Takahashi belongs to Seiwa University, and white player is Morita belongs to Keio University.
At 0:30, white player tried first Men. It was standard forward directed Men.

At 1:00, red player stabbed one hand Tsuki. It was unexpected and good timing, but unfortunately it end up in failure. White player slashed shinai and soon countered Men before red player ran out of his reach.

At 1:18, red player brushed off white player’s shinai at close distance and tried Men. It was nice aim, but here also white player killed the space and bent his posture not to be hit. He is good at defense.

At 1:30, red player first showed his attitude as if he was going to stroke from left side of white player, but soon changed other side by his snap and tried to hit right side of Men backward. White player coped with good defense here too.

At 2:22, white player on the other hand, snapped his wrist and hit other side of Men. It was forward Men and at a moment, red player’s footwork was slowed that white player hit critically.

Both player tried their ideas, and although the strokes in this match were rather biased to Men. But, they showed at least 5 kinds of different Men in each situation. It was interesting to follow these Men one by one.

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