Monday, February 18, 2019

amazing gyaku-Do - University 37

Today, I am introducing cool gyaku-Do technique.

The following video is from 2015 all Japan Kendo team tournament 2nd round. Daihyou match (score tied after Taisho and for extra inning).

Red side player is Isamu belongs to Waseda Univ, and white side Umegatani belongs to Chuo Univ. They are both from high school in Fukuoka prefecture, so they knew each other well.
White player is good at combination hit like 0:25. In the match, they spent rather longer in Tsubazeri attachment. This is partly because they knew each other’s strong point well.

Nuki-gyaku-Do, which hit unusual side of Do when opponent player come to hit Men.

At 2:43, red player was trying to hit gyaku-Do. It was a bit far from proper range.

Red player’s style is standard, while white player sometimes moves rapidly and unexpectedly. Red player paid well attention not to be hit from this point.

At around 4:00, both players improperly attached and they both were declared one hansoku (foul).

The last moment, white player hit amazingly good timing, but he might not expect red player also came to hit Men at same timing. White player dodged opponent stroke skillfully, and finished the match.

White player has many skillful stroke such as he did in the match.

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