Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Confuse opponent - University 41

I introduce another Men hitting style.

The following video is 2018 Kanto student kendo championship 5th round. Red player is Takayama belongs to Taisho Univ, and white player is Honma belongs to Chuo Univ.
The white player’s Men stroke is unique. He set position to a bit rightward and Men hit also. With rightward, reach of Men becomes longer. The down side of this style is stability of shinai handling and body balance in my opinion.

At 0:38 white player’s Kote was tricky, at first he showed as if he went Men, but soon changed into Kote. So, it was confusing hit for opponent player.

2:31 red player combination hit Kote-Men. It was good sometimes, single hit is easier to be caught.

At 2:41, he mixed feint movement and smashed Men when he found unguarded Men. It was similar he showed in 1:39.

His strong point is longer reach and it is also good for defense. For example, as shown in 3:26, red player wanted to hit Do from distance but it was far for efficient hit and failed.

Last one minutes of white player’s consuming time was worth foul, I think.

In the match, both player tried to mix or feint strokes to confuse opponent. It was interesting to check that aspect.

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