Friday, February 22, 2019

Unique Men - University 39

Today, I found player hitting unique Men, so I introduce.

The following youtubevideo is 2017 Kanto student Kendo championship 1st round. The red player is Sato belongs to Tokodai Univ, and white player is Sasaki belongs to Tsukuba Univ.
Second contact after this match start, white player stroked unique Men. It was as if he hammered down into opponent’s Men. Timing was also unique and looks difficult to cope with.

0:46 counterattack Do was tricky hit. At 1:05, white player found unguarded Men and hit hiki-Men.

At 1:26, white player stroked Men, but was difficult timing and method as first unique Men. This time, he tried Men like stabbing movement, shortest path.

It is good for player to hit several Men, it could deceive or confuse opponent player and makes play dominantly.

1:52, red player stroked nice timing, but it was not ippon.

2:08 red player a moment became unguarded and white player didn’t let him continue playing.

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