Friday, March 8, 2019

2nd hit - University 46

The following youtube video is from 2018 Kanto student Kedno championship 2nd round. Red player is Ryokai belongs to Sensyu Univ, white player is Watanabe belongs to Tokai Univ.
At 0:25, white player stroked Kote at the timing red player raised his hand. It becomes easier for player to hit Kote if opponent player raise one’s hand like this. The hit itself was a bit shallower.

Soon after that, red player stroked hiki-Men. Red player is very careful player and he hit the chances after another player’s hit. He also has strong defense seen in tsubazeri attachment. He never let opponent player do as he likes by controlling positioning and shinai handling.

It was sensible for white player at 1:30. Player noticed some unusual in shinai or something, one should stop the play like this for both players’ safety.

At 2:54, red player hit Kote a moment white player raised his hand unconsciously. It was not a big chance, but he got it.

Next moment, on the other hand, white player swung largely and approach distance. He instantly smashed Men after feint movement.

After that, both players didn’t have good chance and went to extra inning.

At 4:43, red player hit Men in good timing after white player’s insufficient Kote.

At 6:23, red player hit similar Men and this time, it caught white player.

In the match, red player was more excel in 2nd action after one hit.

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