Thursday, March 14, 2019

Consolation match at Kanto - University 49

These days, I introduced Kanto student kendo championship many frequently. This tournament includes preliminary of all Japan student kendo championship.

The players of best 32 in the tournament plus 24 players decided from consolation tournament have entitled to participate all Japan student tournament.

Players lost around 4th round go to consolation tournament.

The following video introducing today is the consolation tournament at 2016, and this winner is admitted to go all Japan. Red player is Tokugawa belongs to Univ of Tokyo, and white player is Morimoto belongs to Waseda Univ.
Participation of all Japan is a honor for every players, so both players were willing to win by all means.

At 0:20, red player jumped into Men with enough guts. On the other hand, white player very carefully looked for his chance.

And the chance came at 2:33, white player pushed red player and took advantage first, then he hit red player’s Men. Red player also reacted, but he was delayed a bit.

After that, red player was very cool-headed. At 2:49, he hit Men a moment white player became unguarded, after he chased white player near the corner.

Red player kept his momentum and added immediately after starting; Men full of guts. This time, white player completely turned to the defense side and allowed red player to stroke as he wanted.

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