Saturday, March 30, 2019

Hot spot Kanto - University 53

Last time, I introduced high standard players ippons in Kyusyu area. This time, I would like to explain I introduced Kanto students tournament frequently. (In students tournament, either university or college students have entitled to take part in.)

In Kanto area whose center is Tokyo, there are many prominent and rich Universities compared with other part of Japan. They would like strong or promising players to come (for advertisement).

So, they prefer entrance examination as recommendation of these players. Some of players are not only fee exempted but also given scholarship. So, Universities in Kanto area have many strong players. Competition of Kanto preliminary becomes tough for many players.

These days, in terms of high school students, Kyusyu is strongest. But, when it comes to University or college students, Kanto is the strongest.

The following is the omnibus in 2018 Kanto preliminary of team match.
There, many players are from other parts. For instance, first red player is from high school in Kumamoto. And 3:50, players are from Kumamoto and Miyazaki, respectively. At 7:27, players are from Fukuoka and Miyazaki, respectively.

Personally, I like 6:29 Men. It is very skillful and powerful.

5:36 Do is also graceful and beautiful hit.

I am sure you find your favorite among these. Kanto area is hot spot!

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