Thursday, March 28, 2019

Kyushu players this year (100th anniv.) - Highschool 30

This is the memorial (for us) 100th article.

Today, I just post recent ippon omnibus from youtube video. The first one is from 2019 spring season Kyusyu district kendo championship of high school student. It is individual match.
First 2 ippons are quarterfinals, and then semi-final and final. In this tournament, two Ikeda won semifinals. They are twins and belongs to same high school “Fukuokaohori”. Their kendo styles are different, which is a bit surprising for me.

Another omnibus is following; The same championship, but division of team match.
In the video, my favorite is 0:53 Kote and 1:52 Men. A winner Taisho’s Men (4:02, 4:19) are also impressive, he has good skill hitting short distance.

Kyusyu district as high school players is one of interesting spot many strong players gathers historically. We keep focusing on them!

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