Friday, March 22, 2019

Magical Men - Highschool 29

The following youtube video is from 2017 all Japan high school kendo championship at summer (called as inter-high in Japanese).

It was individual part, 1st round. The first match in following video is especially interesting, so I introduce this part. Red player is Itoh belongs to Sendaiikuei high school and white player is Seike belongs to Takachiho high school.
This white player is very deft player that can hit various kinds of Men. His body balance is also good, which made dynamic and powerful stroke possible.

For example from 1:42, he shifted clockwise and trying to stroke Men at the same time. Without deft technique and balance, this couldn’t be possible.

At 2:10, white player hit Men from the reverse side with abrupt positioning change.

2:17 Men was steady stroke, though it looked prevented by red player. Soon he added hiki-Men.

At 3:03, white player tried Kote. To change rhythm of Men attack, it had some effect.

Soon after that, white player hit hiki-Men again. And red player failed to prevent it and Men became ippon.

The next moment at 3:20, white player fit the timing red player came to hit. White player dodged a bit rightward and at the same time he stroked Men.

From red player’s view, he might feel white player suddenly disappeared from his front and felt some impact of Men.

It was a magical stroke!

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