Saturday, April 27, 2019

Fabulous debana-Men

There are variations of Men, hiki-Men, Kote-Men, kaeshi-Men…, and so many nice technique or ippons exist.

But as for “*debana-Men”, I think the ippon in the following video is the most destructive and beautiful in my recollection. It was 2015 all Japan police individual championship 4th round. Red player is Kawaguchi (Kanagawa), and white player is Tuchitani (Osaka). 
As start, white player stubbed tsuki, red player twisted his body a bit and dodged.

At 0:46, white player stroked fast and steady Men. It was very so called “Ki Ken Tai icchi (means matching spirit and sword and body)”, thus if without guard, it instantly became ippon.

White player is very aggressive player with swift body and footwork. I think this day is for his day; he might be best condition.

At 2:46, red player tried hiki-Do. It was unguarded and not perfectly, but touched white player’s Do for sure.

Before 4:33, white player made a little pressure to red player. Red player reacted and went forward into white player’s territory. Next moment, white player didn't miss the opportunity and stroked debana-Men with supple snap.

I have never seen such a fabulous debana-Men before. How do you think?

* debana-Men is a technique hitting Men faster when opponent player trys to move forward and do something.

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