Saturday, April 20, 2019

Practice (footwork etc) - Highschool 32

I previously introduced skillful footwork play,

And this time I found how they practiced this kind of footwork technique in youtube video. The following is the video.
I may not need to explain further, because Kyusyugakuin is one of the most famous strong team of high school club in Japan.

So, in the first sentence, the history of the records or prominent alumni is introduced; Since club establishment in 1911, 7 times spring all Japan high school tournament victory, 7 times Gyokuryuki tournament victory, 5 times summer all Japan high school tournament victory, and had alumni such as Uchimura and Nishimura (2015 made video).

First, from 1:50 Mr. Komeda (Supervisor) explained students for the importance of finishing hitting imaginary competitor in front with good snap.

So, footwork training starts at 3:10-. He explains several points e.g. body is stabilized while footwork keeping supple as much as possible.

At 4:02, Hoshiko practices, who was the representative of all Japan team player at WKC at 2018. At that time, he was still in high school.

Next, they practiced basic Men. At 5:31, he explains try to pressure reverse side of the aim and hit.

Finally, they did Kirikaeshi practice, it looks not good stroke, but remember it is abridged version (I think several minutes or more than 10 minutes, they kept stroking, so they are exhausted.) Anyway, they continue hard practice and that made them strongest.

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