Sunday, May 5, 2019

Strongest player 2

Last time, I introduced Masahiro Miyazaki. There, I also mentioned he recorded 2 times consecutive victory.

I found 2nd time victory video of 1999 (following).
The video starts from quarter finals, Miyazaki showed up red corner from 1:19-.

This quarter final match is a rather controversial match. If you see both player's exchange at 3:07, what do you think? Red Men (Miyazaki) or white Do (Eiga). I thought Men for the first sight.

In fact, Men swerved a bit from main point and Do hit appropriately. You can confirm slow-motion video from 4:51-. But weirdly, if you see normal speed, many thought Men looked dominated. It is possible red player's stroke was so sharp with perfect timing that made enough impact sound and allow judges to raise red side (3-0).

His semifinal starts at 14:20- (red side again). Opponent player (white side) is young player Sato and known as aggressive skill. For example, 15:03 hit was close to ippon and was dangerous point for red player.

17:37, red player finally got hiki-Men in momentary carelessness of white player.

Final starts 19:16-. Miyazaki was white side in the match. At first, they started even psychologically.

But, when Miyazaki's Men caught unexpected timing (20:03), the match gradually became one-sided. I imagine opponent player felt as if he was deceived, because of a sudden counterattack. Red player might be at a loss.

So, Miyazaki sensei is very strong player. But, he couldn't won three consecutive year at end. Next year at 2000, Eiga mentioned above made victory to Miyazaki and became champion.

To 2018, Nishimura became champion from 2017-2018, so he has entitled to challenge first record in 2019. Let's see what happens this year!

Also, other matches in the video is also fascinating, so if you have time, check and find your favorite matches and ippons!

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