Sunday, June 9, 2019

Fearless - Highschool 33

Fear less mind and strong physical…, I have no other words to express this player, Tashiro who is Taisho of Fukuoka daiichi high school.

Normal players fear to go Men, because if opponent players react Kote or Do very well, Kote or Do becomes ippon instead of Men. So, many players usually do not jump audacious Men at very important settings.

The video I am introducing today is final match of Fukuoka preliminary of all Japan high school kendo championship (inter-high).

Basically, only one winner team at a prefecture can go to the inter-high, no matter how a prefectural level is high. Fukuoka is one of toughest place where the team win this preliminary because of so many good players and strong teams.

Let’s check it first. Before Taisho match, the score was 1(1) – 2(2). So, if draw white team (Fukuokaohori) win. But, the white team Taisho Ikeda was the player who beat red Taisho Tashiro in individual match.

Soon the match started, red player made pressure and hit white player. Next exchange was draw, but at 0:29 red player just attacked white player’s Men from distance and hit relentless Men.

3:34 red player hiki Men was ippon if this was adult match, but there are some rules in high school match, which is not sometimes clear that is criticized and controversial.

So, red player won and he pushed back the score to tie, but this is not enough to win. So, the extra inning by each representative, Daihyo match occurred.

Red player chose same player Tashiro, but white team decided to chose Senpo player. Let’s see what happened.
So, drastic…, I don't think white player was bad, instead he did his best, but red player was too strong for him.

I am looking forward to see this player in inter-high this year!

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