Saturday, August 24, 2019

New generation battles started, at 2019 - Highschool 36

These days after bon festival (mid-August), high school students starts new generation lines lower than 2nd grade students, because largest all Japan championship finishes early August.

In the following youtube, new teams matches at Oasaki championship, one of championships held in this season from 1979.
Both teams are from Fukuoka, which is just a coincidence this case. They are all 1st or 2nd grade students. At first, after senpo and jiho matches, score was shown at 1 (2) – 0 (0) from red to white team.

Red team is Ohori high school and white is jyouyou high school. This is quarter final match and I note time line in this team match as follows,

(Chuken match is going from first)

At 0:22, white player hiki-Men becomes ippon.

At 1:10, white player hit hiki-Do at good timing.

At 2:56, white player gets Kote ippon.

(Fukusho match starts at 3:15.)

At 3:57, white player hits good hiki-Men, but not ippon.

At 4:47, red player stroked Kote, 1/3 empire admitted but not ippon.

At 6:22, white player’s gyaku-Do is also good hit.

(Taisho match starts at 7:45.)

At 7:48, red player gets gyaku-Do ippon at a surprise attack. This kind of attack is useful once, but not twice. Because second time, everybody becomes cautious usually.

At 10:19, white player gets Men ippon and tied back the score at 2 (3) – 2 (3).

At 11:04, red player stroked hiki-Kote, but not becoming ippon.

In the video, it finishes tie score, so there is an extra team representative match after this to decide win. But, unfortunately, video end here, meaning conclusion is missing. If I find ending part of this team match, I will introduce sometime later.

Today, just I wanted to say new high school teams started now.

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