Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Twin players - highschool 35

In last article, I mentioned a little about twin players. So, I introduce them today. There are strong twin (probably identical twin) players in Fukuoka prefecture this year. They both belong to Fukuoka Ohori high school.

The name of older brother is Ryunosuke, and the name of younger brother is Toranosuke. The names are represent dragon and tiger, respectively.

So, it sounds strong, isn’t it?
Yes, they are actually strong. And even though they belong to the same high school team, they are good rival. Toranosuke became champion in all Kyusyu region tournament and Ryunosuke became champion of all Japan high school tournament this summer.

So, both of them sometimes won up the tournament, and I know one match was occurred in preliminary individual match in Fukuoka. Unfortunately, it was semi-final, meaning only one of them was able to proceed to all Japan high school tournament.

Following is the youtube video, red side is Ryunosuke, and white side is Toranosuke.
Their playing style is somehow similar. But, there are several differences.

For example, the distance between feet is wider of Toranosuke (white) than Ryunosuke (red). And white player leans forward a bit. White takes posture more stable and aggressive, whereas red takes posture more natural.

Both of posture have advantages and disadvantages. So, why they chose so? I have no idea and maybe be due to their personal preference.

In the match, I feel red player played more relaxed. From natural posture, it is sometimes difficult to predict next movement. So, it is good for tricking and confusing opponent players.

On top of that, red player had technique to hit wide range of target places, so it makes more difficult to predict next stroke.

His serial movement is interesting to follow.

At 2:42, red player showed as if he went forward, but stopped suddenly. And in the next movement, when white player came to stroke Men, he dodged backward and stroked tricky hiki-Men.

At 5:00, red player tried to counterattack Do against Men attack at interesting timing.

Finally, red player stroked straightforward Men at a moment white player tried to approach, and finished the match.

From their play, they are actually rival, and this time elder brother won the match, but sometimes result was reverse. I think it is interesting to follow their plays in next several years (perhaps in university).

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