Thursday, September 26, 2019

Controversial Kote kaeshi Men - Technique

Kote kaeshi Men is a technique I introduced previously.

In Japan, this technique is in fashion, although it is controversial.

In this method, first one player hits Kote, and then opponent player blocks and immediately strokes unguarded Men.

Schematic picture is following.

  Why is it controversial?  

Because Kote is not completely prevented in some cases, which means Kote hits faster than Men.

The problem is this Kote is incomplete in terms of right posture and proper sword track.

But, some judge admits this Kote as ippon, especially Kote has good enough speed and powerfulness.

Therefore, about Kote ippon, there are pros and cons depend on judges and way of thinking.

  Who uses this technique?  

The well-known young player who use this technique is Takenouchi (Previous article of him).

He is a winner of 2014 all Japan Kendo Championship.

And in semifinal match of the tournament, he used this technique and got ippon.

Recently, many youtubers open their ippon omnibus video.

I found the one, which is focused on this Kote kaeshi Men.
This video is just collecting Kote kaeshi Men ippons, so always Men wins.


But, remember Kote’s momentum occasionally outreaches Men and Kote becomes ippon.

So, again this is by the skin of one’s teeth technique.

And from a standpoint of successful Kote kaeshi Men, there is one interesting finding.

Skillful players narrow down the space just a moment Kote hit.

This makes Kote impression weak and Men impression strong, so it has more chances of Men winning Kote.

  Pros or Cons?  

Personally I dislike it, if anything.

I don’t use this often because I have not 100% confident I am able to fend Kote.

But, it seems lots of especially young players come to use this stroke these days.

How do you think of this technique?

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