Saturday, September 7, 2019

Distance between feet - Footwork practice

Today, I would like to talk about distance between feet.

The topic is mainly about front and back position of feet (Kamae).

(In terms of right and left distance, placing similarly to width of shoulder is proper in general.)

In the following article, you can see player with long distance between feet, especially white player of first movie (Amazing gyakuDo - University13).

It is said that wide distance of feet has advantage of reacting and counteracting opponent player.
(longer distance between feet compared with above picture)

On the other hand, short distance of feet has advantage of preemptive attack.

Young players tend to choose longer distance, while senior players tend to choose shorter distance.

This might partly because younger players have stronger muscles to jump into distance.

Which to choose is a controversial issue.

It is depend on how you want to play, and whether it matches with your body nature or condition.

If you do not have somebody to ask detail, one idea is to try both.

And the one easier for you to play is proper at present.

Hope you find appropriate distance for your playing style!

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